Crewing service

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Prusmarine Ltd. is a crewing and ship managing company, which supports ship owners, operators and managers in manning. We provide highly qualified, professionally trained and competent crewmembers working on all types of ships around the world.

Russian system of maritime training institutions formed in the pastimes was preparing and is still preparing sufficient quantity of marine specialists, which gives an opportunity to employ experienced, qualified seafarers of different maritime sectors.

Due to the unique geographical proximity of Kaliningrad to the Northern and Western Europe ports and developed transport infrastructure, it is possible to use a rapid and cost-optimal delivery of seafarers to the port of the crew change using different transport.

Our company is working with several European and Russian shipowners, providing a full range of services for hiring shipboard personnel. The services include: selection of candidates for a specific, desired position, checking documents of the candidates, submitting of seamen CV’s for shipowner’s approval, signing a contract of employment (if agreed with the shipowner), preparing of all necessary papers, such as flag state endorsements, travel, insurance and other documents, forwarding a sailor or full crew to port of change. We guarantee that our seafarers are skilled crewmembers who have completed seaman qualification and familiarization with the ISM, ISPS codes, holding suitable certificates, as required by the Convention STCW, passed a medical examination, having the sufficient level of English language for employment in mixed crews.

If you are interested in qualified Russian seafarers and in a reliable crewing partner, we invite you for cooperation. We are sure that our services will be suitable and useful for you.