Crewing services

We offer services for the manning of ships with a qualified crew of maritime specialists who have been using our company in Kaliningrad for their employment for a long time, as well as young specialists, navigators and mechanics who have completed their education in special educational institutions and are just starting their maritime career.

Our company works with European and Russian shipowners, providing a full range of services for hiring ship personnel. Services include: selection of candidates for a specific, required position, verification of candidate's documents, submission of questionnaires for approval to the shipowner, signing of an employment contract (in agreement with the shipowner), registration of all necessary accompanying, sub-filing, travel and other documents, departure of a seaman or a whole crew to the port of shift. We guarantee that the seafarers sent by us are qualified crew members who have passed the appropriate certification and familiarization with the ISM Code, ISPS, have valid certificates, in accordance with the requirements of the STCW Convention, have passed a medical examination, speak sufficient English when hiring mixed crews.

If you are interested in qualified Russian seafarers, as well as in a reliable crewing partner, then we invite you to cooperate. We are sure that our services will be useful to you.